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Monitoring the heck out of your database

Josh Williams, End Point

What are we looking for?

  • Performance of the system
  • Application throughput
  • Is it dead or about to die?

"They don't care if the system's on fire so long as it's making money."

Monitoring Pg

  • Log monitoring for errors
  • Log monitoring for query performance
  • Control files / External commands
  • Statistics from the DB itself

Monitoring error conditions

  • ERROR: Division by zero
  • FATAL: password authentication
  • PANIC: could not write to file pg_xlog...

Quick discussion of tail_n_mail:

Log monitoring for query performance


Most of the rest of the talk was about check_postgres, which I already know all about. A few cool to-do items came out of it.o

  • Look at tracking --dbstats in cacti
  • Add the --noidle to --action=backends to get a better sense of the counts.
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