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romen commented Feb 4, 2012

This issue should be closed, as everything is already contained in the repository.

To generate the manpage and the quickref you just need to do this:

# Auxiliary files are contained in the htmldoc folder.
# The xslt stylesheets expect the xml files to reside in
# the same folder.
cd htmldoc

# Use a recently compiled version of tidyp to generate
# up-to-date xml output for the help ("tidyp-help.xml")
# and the config options ("tidyp-config.xml").
# NOTE: filenames are partly hardcoded in the xslt
#       stylesheets, do NOT change them.
tidyp -xml-help   > tidyp-help.xml
tidyp -xml-config > tidyp-config.xml

# Generate gzipped manpage
xsltproc tidyp1.xsl tidyp-help.xml| gzip >tidyp.1.gz
# Install it in the appropriate MANPATH or consume
# it locally by calling man ./tidyp.1.gz

# Generate quickref.html
xsltproc quickref-html.xsl tidyp-config.xml > quickref.html
romen commented Feb 4, 2012

Compiled versions of the manpage and the quickref should be included in the documentation folder of every release.

The latest release (1.04) completely lacks the htmldoc folder, so right now the user MUST clone the git repo (or download the single xslt files from it) and run the steps in the previous comment in order to access the documentation.

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