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kmx commented May 10, 2010

Hi Andy,

I am using the file build/gmake/Makefile in my Alien::Tidyp package.

As the makefile uses some specific GNU make features it as expected fails on system where no GNU make is available (I try to check it during Alien::Tidyp build pocess).

Failure examples:

My question is whether it would be possible to create something like build/bsdmake/Makefile to have pregenerated makefile for system without GNU make.



petdance commented May 10, 2010

if you can make one, yes, please. I don't have either of those systems to test on. Same with Win32. Also, how will we handle ongoing makefile maint?

Isn't the ./configure supposed to handle all this?

kmx commented May 10, 2010

OK, I can switch from getting source codes from github (there is no configure) to using the official tarball. In that case I only need to include Win32 makefile into the release tarball (which is another issue I have open today).


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