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Initially, nearly all of the work, especially design work, was done by
John Walker, and we're indebted for his release of the code to the
public domain. This library was originally called Atlast, and a
pristine version can be downloaded from Mr. Walker's site at . (It was renamed to Pez when I discovered that I
was not the only one to have the obvious idea of adapting this wonderful
chunk of public domain code for my own purposes.)
The current state of the codebase (the bugs fixed, the features added
or removed, the refactoring, redesigning, etc.) is due to the efforts of
Pete Elmore and Matthew King, who are currently the principal authors.
Ryan Wolf ( ) has been using Pez some, and
has been kind enough to complain when he finds bugs.
Jeff Hodges was invaluable in helping to get autotools working properly.
Support for hash tables made it into the codebase with just a couple of
hours of hacking thanks to Peter Moore, Austin Appleby, Phong Vo, Glenn
Fowler and Landon Curt Noll, with their public domain implementation of
the required algorithms and the nice API of st.c. Gluing it all
together into a single st.c came courtesy of the Ruby team.