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20/20 Visions for Knowle West Media Centre

References and links for Pete Ashton's 20/20 Visions essay My New Camera Is A Laser

My website is at

About the 20/20 Visions programme.

I recently bought myself a laser

Using a LiDAR to make art is not a new thing.

Photoshop, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, can seem like magic,

While Photoshop is mostly managed by a human operator, we're starting to see this editing of reality being automated.

The speed by which this stuff is moving threatens to be shocking

Maybe this is because it's not very visually interesting.

For me, this contradiction is at the heart of thinking about modern photography

When our persons are abstracted to such an extreme degree

Any artist who works with computers is a data artist

Because the manner in which...

I feel like photography in the 2010s is at the stage painting was in the late 19th century.