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GitHub PR Helper (deprecated)

Due to recent improvements to the GitHub UI this helper is probably no longer needed.

I will not be actively developing or supporting this project going forward

A Chrome Extension to make the Pull Request view on GitHub nicer (no unicorns were harmed to make this extension)

Features include:

  • Display labels on PR list pages
  • Display labels on PR detail pages (removed as GitHub does this now)
  • Manage PR labels on PR detail pages (removed as Github does this now)
  • Milestones shown on PR list pages

** Note that as of v0.2.0 the extension uses "Personal Access Tokens" to authenticate rather than "GitHub Application Credentials", which it previously used. Tokens are easier to generate and, more importantly, allow the extension to work with private repositories.


Install from the Chrome Web Store: You'll now need to authorize yourself, see Github API request limiting, below.

Github API request limiting

The extension makes calls to This has a limit of 60 requests per hour for unauthenticated clients. To get around this the extension will check for a property in the browser's local storage. You can check this by opening the console and typing:


If this is there then the extension will use this to authenticate its requests to GitHub, removing the request limit and also allowing you to update the labels on PRs.

You get an access token from your GitHub account pages.

You can manually add your access_token to your localStorage:

  • navigate to any GitHub page (such as
  • open the Chrome developer console
  • enter the following JavaScript, replacing the .... with your access token:
localStorage.setItem('github.access_token', "....");

Alternatively, when the extension realises that you are not authenticated and have over-run the request limit, it will display a form, where you can enter your access_token directly.

Known Issues

GitHub sometimes uses partial reloads to update the page more efficiently. For instance, when you filter the list of PRs by author. When this happens this extension does not recognise it and so you lose the list of labels. Generally, the extension does not play well with any external changes to the HTML in the page, which could also lead to memory leakage. This needs to be sorted out at some point. The workaround is simply to refresh the page.

Manual Install (for development and testing)

If you intend to work on the development of the extension, you can install it manually:

Clone the repository:

git clone

Open up the Chrome Extensions page:


Make sure the "Developer Mode" checkbox is ticked.

Click the "Load unpacked extension..." button and browse to the folder where you cloned this repository.

Make sure that the extension is enabled and then browse to your favourite Pull Request list, say


The tests are stored in the /tests folder and are written in Jasmine, using the ngMocks extensions to AngularJS. You run the tests using the Karma Test Runner.

Install Karma

This project uses karma 0.10.x release. Get the karma utility from npm:

npm install karma

Run the tests

The configuration is in the karma.conf.js file. Run the tests with the karma utility:

karma start

This should open up a browser and then run the tests.


This adds sorely needed features to GitHub's PR pages.






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