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  • Raise php requirement to >= 5.6
  • Removed csscrush_version()
  • Removed csscrush_add_function() (can use plugin instead).
  • Added csscrush_plugin() with simplified plugin api.
  • Added import_path option. Additional paths to search when resolving relative imports.
  • Updated vendor aliases.
  • Moved loop plugin to core.
  • Removed @in directive.
  • Removed legacy IE plugins.
  • Removed hsl2hex, initial, noise and text-align plugins.
  • Combined svg plugins (svg-gradients and svg).
  • Removed percent function.

2.4.0 (2015-07-30)

  • Added simple value checking to @ifset.
  • Updated vendor aliases.
  • Various fixes and under the hood improvements.

2.3.0 (2015-02-16)

  • Added support for function calls on media query lists.
  • Added package.json for node package managers.
  • Added previous/next context keywords to query() function.
  • Removed legacy-flexbox plugin.
  • Removed disable option. Renamed enable option to plugins, old name still supported.
  • Removing trace option (SASS debug-info is obsolete) and related functionality. CSS source maps are now well supported.
  • Color functions now return nothing if the color argument is invalid.
  • Improvements to logging and error reporting.
  • Various bug fixes.

2.2.0 (2014-06-17)

  • Rule nesting now works without @in directives.
  • Added csscrush_add_function() as a simple way of adding custom functions without plugins.
  • Added alternative directive names: @set/@ifset for @define/@ifdefine and @selector for @selector-alias.
  • Added support for a command line config file (crushfile.php).
  • Added Util::readConfigFile() method to enable easier configuration sharing between different workflows; esp. command-line and server.
  • Protocoled @import directives are now hoisted to the top of output.
  • Default output filename now uses .crush.css suffix only when outputting to the same directory as input. Otherwise a regular .css suffix is used.
  • Updated vendor aliases.
  • Removed math shorthand syntax.
  • Deprecated @in directives. Supported until at-least 3.x.
  • Deprecated @define/@ifdefine/@selector-alias in favour of new directive names. Supported until at-least 3.x.
  • Deprecated the static api methods in favour of the csscrush_* functions. Supported until at-least 3.x.

2.1.0 (2014-03-21)

  • Added HHVM support (HHVM >= 2.4)
  • Added Travis CI support.
  • Added custom color keywords plugin.
  • Added text-align plugin for polyfilling the direction sensitive text-align values, start and end.
  • Added selector splat aliases which expand based on arguments.
  • Added settings interface for plugins and CSS environment. Old variable based settings (as used in rem and px2em plugins) are now deprecated.
  • Added library docs to repository.
  • Added unit argument to the math function.
  • Deprecated bare parens math e.g. () due to their use in developing CSS specs.
  • Removed -ms- gradient aliases.
  • Renamed plugin hsl-to-hex to hsl2hex.
  • Updated plugin API.
  • Improved feedback for command line watched files.
  • Removed date modified from default boilerplate.
  • Made git version available for use in boilerplates.
  • Reported version now uses git describe style output if available.
  • Changed base IO class to use non-static methods.
  • Numerous under the hood improvements.

2.0.0 (2013-11-2)

  • Raised PHP version requirement to PHP 5.3.1.
  • Library code (excluding API functions) is now namespaced.
  • Added loop plugin: loops with lists and generator functions.
  • Added ARIA plugin for working with aria roles states and properties.
  • Added forms plugin: pseudo classes for working with forms.
  • Removed legacy IE plugins (ie-clip, ie-filter, ie-min-height, rgba-fallback) and spiffing.
  • Added parsing for single line variable definitions e.g. @define col-width 30px;
  • Added support for relative input/output file paths (based on the current excecuting script path).
  • Added support for protocol-relative (//) URLs.
  • Removed csscrush_clearcache() function – Its functionality can be easily replicated in plain PHP since all output files have a '.crush.css' file extension.
  • Removed csscrush_globalvars() function. Use csscrush_set() instead.
  • Added stat_dump option for saving stats and variables used to a file in json format.
  • Added asset_dir option for directing generated svg and image files.
  • Deprecated and removed the *-local.ini now there is a better ways of augmenting the default aliases.
  • If formatter option is set will now override the minify option (setting it to false)
  • Now using a PSR-3 compatible logging interface (default implementation can be overridden).
  • Better error reporting for syntax errors.
  • Various Bug fixes.

1.11.0 (2013-8-3)

  • Added source map support according to the Source Map v3 proposal (boolean option source-map).
  • Compile times are now 20-30% reduced.
  • Added support for fragment calls within fragment definitions (Issue #48).
  • Added check and recovery for overly conservative ini settings.
  • The block nesting parent symbol can now be used multiple times (useful for adjacent/general sibling combinations).
  • Command utility now supports the trace option.
  • Custom formatter callbacks have been simplified.
  • Simplified the csscrush_stat() function signature.
  • Added command line utility alias for composer's vendor/bin directory.
  • Removed Plugins.ini (use csscrush_set() instead).
  • Removed Prepend.css.
  • Various refactoring for cleaner under-the-hood APIs.

1.10.0 (2013-5-18)

  • Added SVG plugin for defining and generating SVG files/data URIs in CSS.
  • Added Canvas plugin for image generation and manipulation (requires GD extension).
  • Added rem and px2em plugins.
  • Added ease plugin for expanded easing keywords.
  • Command line utility now has a --watch option for automatic compiling when a file is updated.
  • vendor_target option now accepts an array of targets.
  • Added @name in-rule directive for more robust rule referencing.
  • Added grouping for function aliases so multiple related functions (e.g. gradients) can now be applied to one value.
  • Rule references previously looked for the closest previous match. This behaviour has been changed to a 'last wins' match to be more consistent with the way CSS works. This may affect users of @extend or the query() function.
  • Added -i alias to --file option for the command line utility.
  • Removed data-* properties.
  • Nested rules that use the parent symbol (&) can now work in conjunction with the rooting symbol (^).
  • Fixed issue with empty imported files not registering.
  • Various bug fixes.

1.9.1 (2013-1-31)

  • Added noise plugin (noise/texture generating functions).
  • Resolved issues #42 and #43.
  • Fixed command line context option.
  • Fixed error notice with no enabled plugins in Plugins.ini file.
  • Updated aliases file.

1.9 (2013-1-12)

  • Added flexbox aliases for both 2009 and 2012 edition specs.
  • Added a legacy-flexbox plugin for auto-generating the flexbox 2009 spec equivilant properties.
  • Updated selector aliases to take arguments at runtime.
  • Updated plugin API to use distinct "enable" and "disable" handlers.
  • disable option is now resolved before the enable option so you can easily disable all plugins and then specify the plugins you want to apply.
  • Added functions API for defining custom functions inside plugins.
  • Improved gradient function aliasing to handle new angle keywords (to left, at center, etc.).
  • Added svg-gradients plugin for simulating CSS3 gradients with data-uris.
  • Added formatter option for un-minified output. Possible values (custom formatters can also be defined):
    • "block" (default) - Rules are block formatted.
    • "single-line" - Rules are printed in single lines.
    • "padded" - Rules are printed in single lines with right padded selectors. Custom formatters can also be defined.
  • Added newlines option to set the style of newlines in output. Possible values:
    • "use-platform" (default)
    • "unix"
    • "windows" or "win"
  • Updated command line utility to use the new options.
  • Property/value aliases expanded and renamed as declaration aliases.
  • Classes now loaded via an autoloader, also some other refactoring for moving towards PSR-0 compliance.

1.8.0 (2012-11-13)

  • Added selector aliasing with the @selector-alias directive.
  • Added output_dir option for specifying the destination of compiled files.
  • Added doc_root option for working around problems with server aliases or path rewrites.
  • Added viewport @-rule aliases.
  • debug option renamed to minify; debug option will still work as before but is deprecated.
  • minify option takes an optional array of advanced minification parameters. Possible values:
    • colors
  • Expanded trace option to take an optional array of log parameters. Possible values:
    • stubs
    • selector_count
    • errors
    • compile_time
  • Added CssCrush::stat method to retrieve logged parameters.
  • Improved cross OS support.
  • Improved minification.
  • Major refactoring.

1.7.0 (2012-9-28)

  • Added trace option to output SASS compatible debug-info stubs for use with tools like FireSass.
  • Added @ifdefine directive for dynamically including/excluding parts of a CSS file based on the existence of variables.
  • Updated plugin API.
  • Added options for enabling and disabling plugins at runtime.
  • Added property sorter plugin.
  • Added support for SASS-like @include/@extend syntax for invoking mixins and extends.
  • Boilerplate option now accepts a filename string as a boilerplate template.
  • CssCrush::string method now uses document_root as a default context for finding linked resources.
  • Updated command line appication.
  • Updated aliases and initial value files.
  • Fixed parsing issue introduced in 1.6.1.

1.6.1 (2012-8-22)

  • Resolved issues #34 and #35.

1.6.0 (2012-8-1)

  • Inheritance model improved to support adoption of pseudo classes and elements (see wiki).
  • Added rule self-referencing function this() and complimentary data-* properties.
  • Added rule referencing function query().
  • Added default value argument for variables.
  • Added hsl-adjust() and hsla-adjust() color functions.
  • Mixin and fragment arg() function can now be nested.
  • Commas are now optional when specifying arguments for most custom functions.
  • Double-colon plugin moved to core.
  • Option rewrite_import_urls now defaults to true.

1.5.3 (2012-6-13)

  • Refactoring.
  • Fixed some test cases.

1.5.2 (2012-6-8)

  • Resolved issue #32.
  • CssCrush::inline method now defaults to not printing a boilerplate.
  • Updated aliases file.

1.5.1 (2012-6-1)

  • Extended mixins to work with abstract rules and regular rules.
  • Fixed issue with selector grouping and inheritance in combination.

1.5.0 (2012-5-21)

  • New feature: Rule inheritance / abstract rules.
  • New feature: Block nesting.
  • New feature: Mixins.
  • New feature: Fragments.
  • Abstracted IO interface.
  • Added some error reporting.
  • Added spiffing.css plugin.
  • CssCrush::tag method now uses media type 'all' by default.
  • Updated alias and initial-value tables.
  • Internal refactoring.
  • Resolved issues #23, #24, #27, #28 and #29.

1.4.2 (2012-3-14)

  • Fixed bug with @import statement parsing.
  • Some minor under the hood changes.

1.4.1 (2012-2-10)

  • Added command line application.
  • Added rewrite_import_urls option - Ability to rewrite relative url references inside imported css files.
  • Added Prepend.css - Optionally prepend css to every input.
  • Fix for issue #21.
  • Reorganized aliases file with some additions.
  • Initial-values updated.
  • Updated CssCrush::string method to correctly handle import statements.

1.4.0 (2012-1-24)

  • Added initial-keyword plugin (shim for the CSS3 keyword).
  • Added inline method (Issue #18).
  • Added ability to escape declarations from aliasing or plugins by prefixing with tilde.
  • Added procedural style public API to mirror the static class API.
  • Deprecated @variables directive for @define. @variables still supported for next few releases.
  • Adjusted color functions to accept a space delimiter (as well as comma) in the arguments list.
  • Surpressed some benign PHP warning messages.
  • Some internal cleaning up.
  • Disabled IE6 min-height plugin by default.

1.3.6 (2011-11-9)

  • Improved color functions.
  • Added a-adjust() function for altering a color's opacity.
  • Deprecated hsl-adjust function (you can use nested color functions instead).
  • Added the ability to use local versions of alias and plugin files so pull updates don't clobber local settings.

1.3.5 (2011-11-8)

  • Added hook system for plugins.
  • Plugins split into seperate files.
  • Aliases and Plugins files renamed with '.ini' file extensions to be editor friendly.
  • Added opacity plugin.
  • Updated filter plugin.
  • Fixed nested custom function parsing (issue #14).

1.3.4 (2011-10-29)

  • Added output_filename option.
  • Added vendor_target option.
  • Renamed 'macros' to the more general 'plugins' and split them into their own files.
  • Removed superfluous outer containing directory (update your include paths).

1.3.3 (2011-10-28)

  • Fixed regression with absolute URL file imports (issue #12).
  • Fixed minification bug (issue #13).

1.3.2 (2011-10-18)

  • Updated variable syntax.
  • Fixed minification bug.

1.3.1 (2011-10-9)

  • Added support for svg and svgz data uris.
  • Added animation shorthand alias.
  • Added user-select alias.

1.3 (2011-10-20)

  • Added the public function CssCrush::string for processing raw strings of CSS.
  • Added color functions.
  • Added aliases for IE10.

1.2.0 (2011-9-8)

  • File importer rewritten.

1.1.0 (2011-9-2)

  • Added support for global variables.
  • Added support for variable interpolation within string literals.
  • Added CssCrush::tag method for outputting an html link tag instead of returning a filename.
  • Added values aliases, dynamic 'runtime' variables.
  • Added RGBA macro.
  • Added IE clip macro.
  • Added data uri function.
  • Minor correction to WAMP support.
  • Minor fix to rule API.

1.0.0 (2011-7-14)

  • Major refactoring.
  • Custom functions.
  • Optional boilerplate.
  • Double colon syntax shim.
  • Resolved document root issues.
  • Minification improvements.

0.9.0 (2010-9-20)

  • Initial release.