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1.3.4 (8d424ea)
Added output_filename option
Added vendor_target option
Renamed 'macros' to the more general 'plugins' and split them into their own files
Removed superfluous outer containing directory (update your include paths)
1.3.3 (c68012b)
Fixed regression with absolute URL file imports (issue #12)
Fixed minification bug (issue #13)
1.3.2 (c68012b)
Updated variable syntax
Fixed minification bug
1.3.1 (07fabec)
Added support for svg and svgz data uris
Added animation shorthand alias
Added user-select alias
1.3 (07fabec)
Added the public function CssCrush::string for processing raw strings of CSS
Added color functions
Added aliases for IE10
1.2 (b405f9e)
Rewritten the file importer
1.1 (0d2463e)
Added global variables support
Added support for variable interpolation within string literals
Added 'tag' method for outputting an html link tag instead of returning a filename
Added values aliases, dynamic 'runtime' variables
Added RGBA macro
Added IE clip macro
Added data uri function
Minor correction to WAMP support
Minor fix to rule API
1.0 (360f587)
Major refactoring
Custom functions
Optional boilerplate
Double colon syntax shim
Resolved document root issues
Minification improvements
0.9 (7de4a6c)
Initial commit
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