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Some inital issues for me #44

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I'm currently analyzing CssCrush and in implementing it into an existing project, I've encountered a few initial issues:

  1. Running PHP 5.2.0, I got errors from io.php:write(), file_put_contents (at line 251). The $stream variable was complained about not being string or array. I know 5.2.0 isn't immediately supported by CssCrush, but simply doing "".$stream, it is forced into a string and all seems well.

  2. For various reasons, the old IIS test server (hence PHP 5.2.0) we keep around, points to another server, i.e. $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] begins with \\{ip-address}{path}, which won't work when you replace all back- and forward slashes (single and double) with forward slash. I rewrote code in Core.php:setDocRoot() and Util.php:normalizePath() to leave initial \\ alone, and all seems well so far.

  3. Related to the above, in Core.php:setDocRoot() you compare the paths (line 114 or so) of SCRIPT_NAME and SCRIPT_FILENAME, to set doc root. In my case the paths are not very similar at all, especially since the scripts actually reside on another server, and a different path from the sub-path (virtual directory) specified in IIS. For example:
    SCRIPT_NAME = /virtual1234/file.php
    SCRIPT_FILENAME = \\\www\virtual\file.php
    I think you can see what I'm getting at here; these paths will never match, and CssCrush will fall back to using $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].

  4. Which leads me to the next issue; DOCUMENT_ROOT is not set on our old IIS server (5.1), hence PHP throws a Notice that may be displayed on screen if Notices are shown (shouldn't be, but hey). A more robust solution would be to check with isset() if it is actually set or not. As it is now, it throws a Notice and realpath() defaults to current directory – which is not really a good way and hides a potentially wrong root directory. It is, for me, seemingly usable like that, but should be investigated.

This was just what I encountered while trying to include it and process an existing css file, I haven't even started using any CssCrush features yet :)

Hope this helps!



Thanks for taking the time to report these issues in detail.

Unfortunately I can't make any promises about fixing these since 5.2.0 is an early release for an end of life version of PHP. From my experience early point versions of PHP are usually a bit buggy (there is an issue for this project recorded against PHP 5.3.0, also status 'wont fix').

It's a small team working on this project; basically just me working in my free time with the occasional input from Github users like yourself so scope for supporting un-common versions is just not feasible.

The project is tested in a recent 5.2.x version, and in recent IIS, so if you can upgrade I expect it would probably cover all the issues you've encountered.

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