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Font-Awesome doesn't work #47

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this tool is awesome, but in font-awesome it doesn't work (the icons aren't visible anymore).
Here the diffs:
left the crushed version, right the original one.
I deactivated csscrush for a few files now.


I can't find any issue with the current version of font-awesome.css (v3.1.0).. Are you using the latest version of both libraries?


it works now, but i dont know why it works, i didnt changed anything.
maybe a cache problem (the font was loading or so).
thank you, sorry for the mistake.
and thank you very much for this script, i really love and use it:


i know the reason now, i had this problem again.
with ::string it works, with ::file it doesnt.
it sets the path wrong (doesnt matter what value rewrite_import_urls has or what document root i set).
i dont need this feature, so i commented $this->evaluate(); in file Url.php :)

@FirePanther FirePanther reopened this

Can you post some more information about your setup, and perhaps the code you're using?



require_once 'csscrush/CssCrush.php';
$sData = csscrush::file('/css/'.$sFile, array(
'doc_root' => dirname(file).'/../',
'output_dir' => 'cache'
$sData = substr($sData, 1);
$iLastMod = substr($sData, strpos($sData, '?') + 1);
$sCrushFile = substr($sData, 0, strpos($sData, '?'));
$sEtag = hash('crc32b', $sCrushFile.'-'.$iLastMod);
$sSource = file_get_contents('cache/'.$sCrushFile);

my css structure:


Hi, after looking at this there are a few minor changes you need to make to make this work...

You can drop the doc_root argument as it's not required, if you decide to use it, wrap the path in realpath(). Secondly the output_dir option needs to be an absolute path. The following works for me:

$sData = csscrush::file('/css/style.css', array(
    'output_dir' => __DIR__ . '/cache'

After that the following line:

$sSource = file_get_contents('cache/'.$sCrushFile);

Should probably be (without the 'cache/' prefix):

$sSource = file_get_contents($sCrushFile);
@peteboere peteboere closed this
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