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Commits on Jun 16, 2012
  1. Add composer.json file

Commits on Feb 7, 2011
  1. Updated README

    Tom Krush authored
  2. Updated README

    Tom Krush authored
  3. Strings now have quotes around them. To quotes all over the place the…

    Tom Krush authored
    … SQLLiteral is used on projections, groups, and orders.
  4. Improved quoting for attributes(columns). The major change here is I …

    Tom Krush authored
    …extended SQLLiteral to get a attribute. The attribute holds onto a reference of the table for later use.
  5. Changed quote style for tables. I like the double quote better. Is th…

    Tom Krush authored
    …ere any difference really? I'll have to research that.
  6. Table names now are properly quoted.

    Tom Krush authored
  7. Updated the README

    Tom Krush authored
  8. Added more binary node support. Started reorganizing nodes.php becaus…

    Tom Krush authored
    …e it is hard to navigate.
  9. Provided examples of Bella.

    Tom Krush authored
  10. Now testing the otherwise node. This test also forced me to add suppo…

    Tom Krush authored
    …rt for another binary node. The rest of the binary nodes will get added later.
  11. Added node support for 'also' and 'otherwise'. The decision to use th…

    Tom Krush authored
    …ese words is because PHP prevents 'and' and 'or' being used because of keywords.
  12. Committing Bella to her own repo.

    Tom Krush authored
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