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pybozo is a cracker which uses Google searches to find the plain text of a hash.

Direct inspiration is BozoCrack, which is a very similar program written in Ruby.

I do remember reading a long time ago that Google had managed to index enough pages with MD5 hashes on to make this possible, (before I came across BozoCrack) but I have completely forgotten the original source - thank you whoever you are!


git clone

Usage [-h] [-g GOOGLEAPIKEY] [-t {md5}] [-u USERAGENT] hash

positional arguments:
	hash                  The hash to crack.

optional arguments:
	-h, --help		show this help message and exit
				A Google API key to pass when making a search. Not
				required but highly recomended
	-t {md5}, --hash-type {md5}
				The type of the hash to be cracked.
	-u USERAGENT, --user-agent USERAGENT
				A User-Agent string to pass to websites that are
				scraped for potential plain text.


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