Easily instantiate and run a Symfony4 app with Docker for Windows
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Symfony4 Windows Docker config

The current repository gives you a Docker config to run a Symfony4 application, with a bunch of services like :

  • MySQL database
  • PHP7 FPM to run Symfony
  • NGINX for the webserver

I decided to remove the Node container I added in version 1.3 because it's not necessary for Symfony app.

What do you need ?

You need to have Docker for Windows installed with Docker-Compose.
And that's it.

Step 1/4 - Remove MySQL if you don't want it

As Symfony4 is a skeleton without any Doctrine installed, you can remove the MySQL service into the docker-compose.yml file.

Do not forget to remove the links to the MySQL container into the PHP service config !

Step 2/4 - Run docker-compose

Just run the following commands on the folder root :

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up -d

Step 3/4 - Update your hosts file

The created server runs at this local URI :


It's now your job to modify your hosts file to avoid conflict with other projects and containers, and let Windows do the match with loopback IP :

# C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc      symfony4-project.local

Note : we don't use the .dev domain because it doesn't work anymore with Google Chrome (redirecting all .dev URI to HTTPS).

Note 2 : for the moment the URI should show a "File not found" message.

Step 4/4 - Instantiate Symfony4

If you use it to create a new Symfony4 project, you can run the official Symfony4 creation command into the php container.

NOTE : I didn't put it into the php Dockerfile as CMD, because it would have instantiate a Symfony project each time you started your containers.

$ docker exec -it -u www-data -w /var/www/symfony symfony4-windock-php /bin/bash -c "composer create-project symfony/skeleton app"

Now if you browse http://symfony4-project.local/ you should be able to see the Symfony4 homepage !

Important notes

Note that the Symfony app should be installed in the app/ folder in order to distinguish Docker folders and application folders. Some folders, as var/ can appear in both of them.
The folder structure is the following :

+-- app (created by composer create-project)
    +-- config
    +-- public
    +-- src
    +-- var
+-- data
    +-- mysql
    +-- (other containers data if needed)
+-- docker
    +-- nginx
    +-- php7-fpm
+-- var
    +-- log
    +-- (other docker containers var data)

Mysql will store all it's data into the data/mysql/ folder, that's why I added it to the .gitignore file. Don't forget to do the same.