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Suspenders is a base Rails application that you can upgrade.
![Suspenders boy](
First install the suspenders gem:
gem install suspenders
Then run:
suspenders create projectname
This will create a Rails 3 app in `projectname'. This script creates a new
new git repository. It is not meant to be used against an existing repo.
To see the latest and greatest gems, look at Suspenders'
which will be copied into your projectname/Gemfile.
It includes application gems like:
* [Paperclip]( for file uploads
* [Formtastic]( for better forms
* [Hoptoad Notifier]( for exception notification
* [Flutie]( for default CSS styles
* [Clearance]( for authentication
And testing gems like:
* [Cucumber, Capybara, and Akephalos]( for integration testing, including Javascript behavior
* [RSpec]( for awesome, readable isolation testing
* [Factory Girl]( for easier creation of test data
* [Shoulda]( for frequently needed Rails and RSpec matchers
* [Timecop]( for dealing with time
* [Bourne]( and Mocha for stubbing and spying
Other goodies
Suspenders also comes with:
* [jQuery]( for Javascript pleasantry
* Rails' flashes set up and in application layout.
* A few nice time formats.
See [template/files]( to
see what is generated one-time.
Some gems included in Suspenders have native extensions. You should have GCC installed on your
machine before running Suspenders.
If you're running OS X, we recommend the [GCC OSX installer](
We use [Capybara Webkit]( for full-stack Javascript integration testing.
It requires you have QT installed on your machine before running Suspenders.
Instructions for installing QT on most systems are [available here](
If you have problems, please create a [Github issue](