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import sys
import ASTNodes
from grammarExceptions import SemanticException
# Analyses the abstract syntax tree.
# Inputs are a symbolTable dictionary of form { id : ( id type, line number, assigned bool ) },
# the starting AST node and a flags dictionary of form { nodeType : info } where any relevant information
# for the particular node is set.
# Does not return anything. Will throw a semantic error if the code breaks the rules.
def analyse( symbolTable, node, flags ):
if node.getNodeType() == ASTNodes.STATEMENT_LIST:
analyse( symbolTable, node.getStatement(), flags )
analyse( symbolTable, node.getStatementList(), flags )
elif node.getNodeType() == ASTNodes.SPOKE:
spokeExpression = node.getExpression()
expType = analyse( symbolTable, spokeExpression, flags )
if spokeExpression.getNodeType() == ASTNodes.Factor:
if spokeExpression.getFactorType() == ASTNodes.ID:
(idType, lineNo, assigned) = symbolTable[spokeExpression.getValue()]
if not assigned:
raise SemanticException( node.lineno, node.clauseno )
idType = spokeExpression.getFactorType()
# If not a factor, must be of type number since letters are only
# valid as factors and not as part of operations or expressions.
idType = ASTNodes.NUMBER
flags[ASTNodes.SPOKE].add( idType )
elif node.getNodeType() == ASTNodes.ASSIGNMENT:
(identifier, expression) = node.children
expType = analyse( symbolTable, node.getExpression(), flags )
if expType == symbolTable[node.getVariable()][0]:
symbolTable[node.getVariable()][2] = True
raise SemanticException( node.lineno, node.clauseno )
elif node.getNodeType() == ASTNodes.TYPE:
return node.getType()
elif node.getNodeType() == ASTNodes.UNARY_OP:
expType = analyse( symbolTable, node.getExpression(), flags )
if expType == ASTNodes.NUMBER:
return expType
raise SemanticException( node.lineno, node.clauseno)
elif node.getNodeType() == ASTNodes.BINARY_OP:
leftExpType = analyse( symbolTable, node.getLeftExpression(), flags )
rightExpType = analyse( symbolTable, node.getRightExpression(), flags )
if leftExpType == rightExpType == ASTNodes.NUMBER:
return leftExpType
raise SemanticException( node.lineno, node.clauseno)
elif node.getNodeType() == ASTNodes.FACTOR:
if node.getFactorType() == ASTNodes.ID:
symbol = node.getValue()
if symbol in symbolTable:
(idType, lineNo, assigned ) = symbolTable[symbol]
if assigned:
return idType
raise SemanticException( node.lineno, node.clauseno)
return node.getFactorType()
elif node.getNodeType() == ASTNodes.DECLARATION:
variable = node.getVariable()
if variable in symbolTable:
raise SemanticException( node.lineno, node.clauseno, " You already told me what '%s' was on line %d" %(variable, symbolTable[variable][1]) )
symbolTable[variable] = [node.getExpression().getType(), node.lineno, True]
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