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A realtime multiplayer browser game written in Coffeescript - Node.js, Raphael.js and Knockout.js
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Use the toplevel makefile. Have a look at the targets.

There also a staticfetcher called by the Makefile that allows pulling in external resources (e.g. jQuery). They are defined in Don't add the fetched files to Git!

Code Review

Let's do code review: Make sure every commit is reviewed by somebody else shortly after.


Make sure you know how to write unit tests in Mocha. Commit the tests along with the code


Installing on OS X

Basic setup

  • install homebrew
  • run brew install node to install node.js
  • run curl | sh
  • run npm install -g coffee-script to install coffeescript (no -g if don't want global)
  • run npm install -g stylus to install stylus
  • run npm install -g vogue to install vogue
  • run npm install -g mongoose to install mongoose
  • run npm install -g mocha to install mocha for js testing
  • run brew install wget to ensure the make file can download the libraries
  • run make inside the project root to install all the library files

Installing Sublime

  • Download sublime
  • Add Package manager
    • Visit package manager and copy the huge chunk of text
    • Press ctrl+(the plus/minus key thignn top left of keyboard), copy in the chunk and press enter
  • Now install coffeescript package
    • cmd+shift+p
    • type install, enter
    • start typing coffeescript, enter
  • Install git package
    • Same as Coffeescript but typing git
  • Optional: Allow output to Sublime console on build

    • Create CoffeScript.sublime-build file in ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/User/
    • Add this to the file:

         "cmd": ["coffee", "$file"],
         "selector" : "",
         "path" : "/usr/local/bin"

Setting up server

  • Go to the server directory cd server
  • run sudo npm link to install dependencies

Running the server(s)

  • From top level server
    • make server, this starts the main node server
    • make dev, this starts the second python server to serve assets
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