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The rough idea

A turret based game in which players obtain and then shoot plasma balls at other players.


  • User can log on
  • Statistics e.g daily, weekly/all time scores
  • pimped out turrets
  • Badges/Medals
  • Achievements
  • User stats page

Chosen Ideas/Features

Rough Ideas/Features

  • Balls bounce of edges
  • Power Ups - have different effects & lengths
  • Shields decrease/increase in place of a boring health bar
  • deathmatch vs timed games
  • do players die or can they battle back from the brink
  • 'Forever mode' a.k.a king of the hill
  • Co-Op mode (trade balls etc)
  • Each match is unique, all players start from nothing
  • Turret gravity pull thing only has a certain radius so can't reach all balls

  • Balls of different "weight", travelling slower but dealing more damage

  • Power up idea: Build a "wall" in front of the turret, so that someone wishing to harm that player would need to bounce the ball of the edge of the game area in order to attack from the side.
  • Power up idea: display the projected path of the next ball
  • Do not make hard radius in which we can pull, make the speed of pulling proportional to the distance to the ball, so the closer the ball is the faster its pulled.

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