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React touch demos


This demo uses ReactHack to build a high-performance, lazy-loading 3d intertial touch app targeted at the iPhone 5. It really shows off what web technologies can do these days.

Software being used

  • React JS library (so easy to use, and performance is great without even trying!)
  • Zynga Scroller for touch gesture physics (not in repo)

Why target iPhone 5?

  • I know the GPU perf characteristics
  • Android touch event latency sucks vs iPhone
  • I know the screen size so I can avoid image resizing


  • Why is this cool? It performs well and has native-like interactions (as in you can partially open-close the left nav). To do this you need to animate every frame with JS (no CSS transitions or animations here!)
  • Why doesn't it work without JS enabled? Because this is a JS tech demo. React does support server rendering so I could render to a static page with little to no code changes though.
  • The markup isn't semantic! The semantic-ness can be improved for sure. But we should care less about semantic-ness and more about performance or else the web will die at the hands of native mobile SDKs.
  • What's React got to do with it? React's one-way data binding is so performant that we can write the whole app declaratively. I don't think it's easy to do in other data binding frameworks.


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