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The dynamic stylesheet language.



These are Ruby bindings for the next generation LESS, which is implemented in JavaScript

For more information, visit http://lesscss.org.


less.rb exposes the less.Parser constructor to ruby code via Less::Parser. You can instate it context free:

parser = Less::Parser.new

or with configuration options:

parser = Less::Parser.new :paths => ['./lib', 'other/lib'], :filename => 'mystyles.less'

Once you have a parser instantiated, you can parse code to get your AST !

tree = parser.parse(".class {width: 1+1}") # => Less::Tree
tree.to_css #=> .class {\n  width: 2;\n}\n
tree.to_css(:compress => true) #=> .class{width:2;}


less.rb is licensed under the same terms as less.js

See lib/js/LICENSE file.

copyright 2011 Charles Lowell