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A helper component meant to be used as a drop-in replacement for RN ScrollView which handles the ScrollView insets properly when the keyboard is shown or hides so all the content is scrollable and available to the user.


Install using npm:

npm i react-native-keyboard-aware-scrollview --save

How To Use

Simply import the new component:

import {KeyboardAwareScrollView} from 'react-native-keyboard-aware-scrollview'

Now use it as you would normally do with a ScrollView to wrap arround TextInput components:

<KeyboardAwareScrollView style={styles.container}>
    <TextInput style={styles.textInput} placeholder={'My Input'}/>

Auto-Scrolling for TextInput components

Normally this component will just take care of handling the content inset. If you wish for KeyboardAwareScrollView to automatically scroll to a TextInput that gets focus (so it's ensured to be visible), you can add an attribute called getTextInputRefs - a callback in which you can return an array of references to the TextInput components that auto-scrolling to be handled for. KeyboardAwareScrollView will look for the focused TextInput in the array and make sure it's visible by scrolling to it's location.


<KeyboardAwareScrollView style={styles.container} getTextInputRefs={() => { return [this._textInputRef];}}>
    <TextInput style={styles.textInput} placeholder={'My Input'} ref={(r) => { this._textInputRef = r; }}/>

Example Project

Check out the full example project here.

In the example folder, perform npm install and then run it from the Xcode project.

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