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Welcome to the Socks wiki!

Socks is an intuitive web toolkit written in JavaScript that allows you to quickly and easily create web applications that are interesting, pretty and useful. The API is super easy, and you do not need to know any HTML or CSS. All you need is some JavaScript knowledge, which is quite easy to pick up.

Socks is inspired by Shoes and you will notice many similarities. However, Socks is not, and wasn’t intended to be a port of Shoes to JavaScript, and thus there are many differences as well.

The following code example demonstrates the simplicity of Socks:

myApp = Socks.app() { 
  stack { 
    para("Type your name:"); 
    var name = editLine(); 

    button("Say Hello") { 
      alert("Hello " + name.getText() + "!"); 


Hello Application

Check out Getting Started guide to… well… get started!

Socks needs your help!

I have a job and it is sometimes hard to find time to maintain this project. I would greatly appreciate if you were to offer any sort of help or contribution. Thanks!