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WReader Code Lab Errata & Updates

This code lab is a work in progress, and there are a number of errors or items that need to be updated. For the most up to date documentation and source code, be sure to check

Exercise 1

Exercise 1 is a little weak right now and needs to be updated to include more of an EmberJS introduction.

LawnChair IndexedDB Adapter

The LawnChair IndexedDB Adapter is currently hard coded to use the WebKit prefixes, which will fail for any non-webkit browser. There are two solutions I'm currently investigating, updating the IndexedDB adapter, or replacing LawnChair with the IDBWrapper.

Vendor Prefixed CSS Styles

Almost all of the CSS is -webkit prefixed, and does not include prefixes for other browsers, this is a bad practice and needs to be fixed. Beyond updating the documentation, a quick fix is to run the code through Prefixr.

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