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+Building Great Web Apps
+Build upon your knowledge of web development to create ‘lick-able’ modern web applications
+Course Description
+Learn the programming techniques and design fundamentals required to create modern, ‘lick-able’ web applications. Through hands-on labs, exercises and lectures, you will create a simple experimental web application that will help you learn how to create great user experiences with HTML5, CSS3 and the latest development techniques.
+What You’ll Learn
+* Properties of web apps/What classifies as a web app
+* How to choose which browsers to support
+* How to choose the right technology for the problem
+* Frameworks, Libraries, Polyfills and Tools
+* Improving the sign up flow & reducing the barrier to trying
+* Building Web Apps that work offline
+* Storing data client side with indexed db, local storage and the file system
+* Best practices for great performance
+* Distribution options that scale quickly
+Who Should Attend This Training
+Web developers who are comfortable creating interactive web experiences and want to use HTML5, CSS3 and the latest web development techniques to create modern web applications with great user experiences.
+Time Commitment
+Lecture Time: 1.25 hours
+Exercises & Hands On Work: 2.75 hours
+Total: 4.00 hours
+* Students should feel comfortable with HTML4, CSS2.1 and functional JavaScript
+* Some experience building web applications
+* Experience with object oriented programming is strongly recommended
+* Knowledge of Ajax design patterns
+* Ability to quickly deploy code to a web server

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