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Building Great Web Apps

Build upon your knowledge of web development to create ‘lick-able’ modern web applications

Course Description

Learn the programming techniques and design fundamentals required to create modern, ‘lick-able’ web applications. Through hands-on labs, exercises and lectures, you will create a simple experimental web application that will help you learn how to create great user experiences with HTML5, CSS3 and the latest development techniques.

What You’ll Learn

  • Properties of web apps/What classifies as a web app
  • How to choose which browsers to support
  • How to choose the right technology for the problem
  • Frameworks, Libraries, Polyfills and Tools
  • Improving the sign up flow & reducing the barrier to trying
  • Building Web Apps that work offline
  • Storing data client side with indexed db, local storage and the file system
  • Best practices for great performance
  • Distribution options that scale quickly

Who Should Attend This Training

Web developers who are comfortable creating interactive web experiences and want to use HTML5, CSS3 and the latest web development techniques to create modern web applications with great user experiences.

Time Commitment

Lecture Time: 1.25 hours Exercises & Hands On Work: 2.75 hours Total: 4.00 hours


  • Students should feel comfortable with HTML4, CSS2.1 and functional JavaScript
  • Some experience building web applications
  • Experience with object oriented programming is strongly recommended
  • Knowledge of Ajax design patterns
  • Ability to quickly deploy code to a web server
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