Sample code for extending the WordPress REST API
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Extending the WP REST API

Sample code for extending the WordPress REST API. Slides are also available

Examples in this Code

  • Add revision counts to posts: register_api_field()
  • Add featured image URL and dimensions to posts: rest_prepare_post filter and add_link()
  • Custom routes: register_rest_route
  • Custom authentication: determine_current_user filter
  • Forcing API Link in headers to SSL: rest_url filter
  • Disallowing non-SSL requests: rest_pre_dispatch filter
  • Non-JSON responses: rest_pre_serve_request filter
  • Change base API URL prefix: ‘rest_url_prefix’ filter
  • Hide media endpoing from non-authenticated users: global $wp_post_types; $wp_post_types['attachment']->show_in_rest = is_user_logged_in();
  • Disabled media endpoint: rest_dispatch_request filter