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WordPress: Manage and serve up dynamic placeholder images
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Dynamic Placeholder Images

WordPress plugin to manage and serve up dynamic placeholder images used by the baconmockup web site

Code Climate

What's in here?

  • gga-dynamic-placeholder-images.php - WordPress plugin wrapper (loades classes, registers core hooks, etc)
  • readme.txt - Info for the WordPress repo
  • uninstall.php - WordPress uninstall code
  • admin/partials - Headers for the plugin settings
  • assets/ - Assets for the WordPress plugin repository
  • lang/ - For future translastions
  • includes/
    • class-gga-dynamic-placeholder-images-core.php - Exposes filters used by other classes
    • class-gga-dynamic-placeholder-images-api.php - API handler
    • class-gga-dynamic-placeholder-images-attachment-meta.php - Adds meta fields to Media library
    • class-gga-dynamic-placeholder-images-attribution.php - Handles the [dynamic-images-attribution] shortcode
    • class-gga-dynamic-placeholder-images-cache.php - Handles caching functions
    • class-gga-dynamic-placeholder-images-dashboard-widgets.php - Dashboard widget
    • class-gga-dynamic-placeholder-images-settings.php - Manages plugin settings
    • class-gga-dynamic-placeholder-images-stats.php - Manages stats logging
  • public/ - CSS and images, and template for the attribution shortcode HTML

Revision History

v2.0.3 October 9, 2016 =

  • Fixed bug in 404 handling for URLs using specific slugs

v2.0.2 March 10, 2015

  • Fixed bugs in activation hook
  • Added deactivation hook to delete image cache
  • Updated uninstall hook to remove plugin options

v2.0.1 March 8, 2015

  • Minor updates to the image attribution CSS

v2.0.0 March 7, 2015

  • Major rewrite, first release to the WordPress repository

v1.2 March 6, 2013

  • Changed most options to autoload=no
  • Added textdomain support
  • Added admin option to clear associations created between dimensions and images
  • Added hook for delete_attachment to clear options assocation with a deleted image

v1.1 March 6, 2013

  • Initial Release
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