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PHP library to estimate time remaining for a list of long-running tasks
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Progress Estimator

PHP library to estimate time remaining for a list of tasks.

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When processing a batch of items that takes a long time to run, this library can be used to to calculate and display the estimated time remaining.

Processing 12 items
[1/12]: Bacon ipsum dolor amet (0:35)
[2/12]: Cow porchetta labore shankle (0:33)
[3/12]: Filet mignon porchetta eiusmod tri-tip (0:28)
[4/12]: Venison aliqua, ad brisket pariatur (0:22)
[5/12]: Turkey reprehenderit picanha (0:18)
[6/12]: Turducken fatback ground round (0:16)
[7/12]: Strip steak leberkas laborum (0:12)
[8/12]: Pork belly excepteur buffalo (0:09)
[9/12]: ham chuck ipsum nostrud jerky (0:07)
[10/12]: Rump shank jalapeno (0:05)
[11/12]: Pancetta chicken do spare ribs, (0:02)
[12/12]: Meatball tenderloin picanha (0:00)


First, install the package using composer. composer require petenelson/progress-estimator. Some example code below, and be sure to check the examples.php file for a working implementation.

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Create the progress estimator.
$estimator = new \PHPEstimator\ProgressEstimator(count($items));

// Loop through the list of items to process.
for ($i=0; $i < 100; $i++) {

	// Perform some work.

	// Increments the counter and saves the execution time of that item.

	// Display the current item processed and estimated time remaining.
	$output = sprintf(
		'Processed: %1$s (%2$s)' . PHP_EOL,

	echo $output;
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