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Rails 3 Template

A Rails 3.2 application template


rails new APP_NAME -m template.rb -T --skip-bundle

What it does

  • Removes files from public
  • Creates a clean README
  • Removes commented lines from the Gemfile
  • Switches from Test::Unit to RSpec
  • Installs Shoulda matchers
  • Installs FactoryGirl
  • Creates a base presenter class
  • Changes generators to not create stylesheets or helpers
  • Changes RSpec generators to not create helper or view specs
  • Creates a PagesController and blank home view
  • Sets root route to pages#home
  • Application layout includes flash messages, page title, and script tags moved to bottom of the body
  • Adds title and body tag helpers
  • Incorporates Twitter bootstrap
  • Adds simple_form gem with bootstrap option
  • Runs bundle install
  • Creates a git repository and does an initial commit