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Adding a Consideration section to the README where I shamelessly ask for WWRails up-votes. Hope it's not too gaudy, everyone.
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@@ -147,7 +147,14 @@ I have just introduced the "has\_karma" mixin to this package. It aims to assign
This feature is in alpha, but useful enough that I'm releasing it.
-### Credits
+If you like this software and use it, please consider recommending me on Working With Rails.
+I don't want donations: a simple up-vote would make my day. My profile is:
+To go directly to the "Recommend Me" screen:
[Juixe - The original ActsAsVoteable plugin inspired this code.][1]
@@ -156,9 +163,11 @@ _______
-### More
[Documentation from the original acts\_as\_voteable plugin][3]
+Copyright (c) 2008 Peter Jackson, released under the MIT license

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