Surrey Space Centre urban change detection tool for SAR
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 Surrey Space Centre urban change detection tool for SAR

Copyright (C) 2013 Peter Brett <>


This package provides a tool for urban change detection using
curvilinear features extracted synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images,
as part of research into detection of earthquake damage in urban
areas.  It was developed at Surrey Space Centre at the University of
Surrey in Guildford, UK.

The algorithm used by the tool is described in:

  Brett, Peter T.B. and Guida, Raffaella. "Geometry-based SAR
  curvilinear feature selection for damage detection," Synthetic
  Aperture Radar, 2012. EUSAR. 9th European Conference on, pages
  62-65, 23-26 April 2012.


This package provides a program called `ridge-changemap'.  It
generates plots of detected change signatures, and requires three

1) A set of curvilinear features in a ridge data file.  These are
   extracted from a pre-event SAR image with `ridgetool' (available in
   the `ssc-ridge-tools' package).  Usually, building-related features
   will have been found by classifying the ridge data file, using one
   of the tools in the `ssc-ridge-classifiers' package.

2) A pre-event SAR image, as a 32-bit floating point TIFF file.

3) A post-event SAR image, as a 32-bit floating point TIFF file.  This
   must have been coregistered with the pre-event SAR image.

There are two current output modes available.  The `ridgelines' mode
draws curvilinear features as vectors coloured according to change
level.  The `ridgemask' mode draws a raster image with pixels that lie
under curvilinear features coloured according to change level (as
described in the paper cited above).

Installation and dependencies


In order to compile and install the 'ssc-urban-change' package, you must
have the following tools and libraries installed:

 - A C compiler and standard library (GCC 4.7 or later and glibc are

 - The `pkg-config' tool for managing shared libraries.

 - The 'ssc-ridge-tools' package.

 - GTK+ (the Gimp Toolkit), version  2.10.0 or later.

 - Cairo vector graphics library, version 1.8.0 or later, with PNG,
   PDF and SVG support available.

 - LibTIFF.

If you are compiling from the 'ssc-urban-change' git repository, you
will also require:

  - The `git' version control tool, version 1.6 or newer.

  - GNU Automake, version 1.11.0 or newer.

  - GNU Autoconf, version 2.60 or newer.

  - GNU Libtool.  <>

Configuration and compilation

If you are building from git, clone the repository and set up the
source tree:

  git clone git://
  cd ssc-urban-change

Otherwise, extract the source files.

You can then proceed to configure, compile and install the tools in
the usual manner:

  make install

For a full list of the options that can be passed to 'configure',
please see:

  ./configure --help


Surrey Space Centre urban change detection tool for SAR (this package)
is freely distributable under the GNU Public License (GPL) version 3.0
or (at your option) any later version.  See the `COPYING' file for the
full text of the license.

The programs and associated files are:

  Copyright (C) 2013 Peter Brett <>

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