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CircleCI Go Report Card GoDoc MIT License

Package bolttype provides auto-generated single and paired primitive functions on top of the standard BoltDB library.

The main entry point is the DB struct, which wraps a bolt.DB. A DB is a drop-in replacement for a bolt.DB, but with additional functions. The only change needed to be made is to update anonymous functions to use a bolttype Bucket and Tx instead of a bolt Bucket and Tx.

Types handled so far:

  • []byte
  • string
  • uint16
  • uint32
  • uint64
  • pair(uint16,uint16)
  • pair(uint32,uint32)
  • pair(uint64,uint64)
  • pair(uint16,[]byte)
  • pair(uint32,[]byte)
  • pair(uint64,[]byte)
  • pair([]byte,uint16)
  • pair([]byte,uint32)
  • pair([]byte,uint64)

There is always a key type and a value type, think of bolt mapping from type1 to type2.

Functions for single types are of the form GetType1ToType2, PutType1ToType2, and so on.
Functions for pair types are of the form GetPairType1PairType2ToType3 and so on.

Functions covered:

  • Bucket.Get
  • Bucket.Put
  • Bucket.ForEach
  • Bucket.Delete
  • Cursor.First
  • Cursor.Last
  • Cursor.Next
  • Cursor.Prev
  • Cursor.Seek

There is also Bucket.GetRequired, which returns the value and an error. The error will be of type KeyNotFoundError if the key is not found.


  • GetUint16ToUint16(key uint16) uint16
  • GetUint16ToUint32(key uint16) uint16
  • GetStringToString(key string) string
  • GetRequiredUint16ToUint32(key uint16) (uint16, error)
  • PutUint16ToUint32(key uint16, value uint32) error
  • GetUint64Uint64ToUint32(key1 uint64, key2 uint64) uint32
  • PutUint64Uint64ToUint32(key1 uint64, key2 uint64, value uint32) error
  • GetUint64Uint64ToBytes(key1 uint64, key2 uint64) []byte // []byte is special-cased for naming
  • GetUint64Uint64ToUint64Bytes(key1 uint64, key2 uint64) (uint64, []byte)
  • GetRequiredUint64Uint64ToUint64Bytes(key1 uint64, key2 uint64) (uint64, []byte, error)
  • PutUint64Uint64ToUint64Bytes(key1 uint64, key2 uint64, value1 uint64, value2 []byte) error
  • ForEachUint16Uint16ToUint64(fn func(key1 uint16, key2 uint16, value uint64) error) error
  • ForEachUint16Uint16ToUint64Uint64(fn func(key1 uint16, key2 uint16, value1 uint64, uint64) error) error
  • DeleteUint32(key uint32) error
  • DeleteUint32Uint32(key1 uint32, key2 uint32) error

See the tests for some basic usage examples.