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Compiled well-known types from google/protobuf, compiled types from googleapis, and my protocol buffer standard library.

Compiled for both golang/protobuf and gogo/protobuf.

Types handled in and are not compiled.

Successor to and, plus the extra protos in proto/pb, and lots more fun from generated code in etc/tmpl. Specifically check out the geo and money packages.


You need to put the proto directory on protoc's import path:

protoc -I /path/to/go/src/ ...

protoeasy will directly import all proto files from the proto directory to compile against unless otherwise specified, so for example to use proto/pb/money/money.proto, just do:

import "pb/money/money".proto

If using golang/protobuf, use the go directory. If using gogo/protobuf, use the gogo directory. Both directories have the same structure and same code, just different protocol buffer library.

There is additional code that is not generated by the plugins in a few packages, check out etc/tmpl and it should make sense where it is.


Use these packages instead for the protos inside these files:

  • google/api/annotations.proto:
  • google/api/http.proto:


  • google/protobuf/descriptor.proto:


  • google/protobuf/descriptor.proto: