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0.2.17 (2010-09-02)

  • works well with nginx versions 0.8.11+ (thanks to Piotr Sikora);
  • builds on OpenBSD using non-base compiler (thanks to Piotr Sikora);
  • builds on OpenBSD with SpiderMonkey installed from ports (thanks to Piotr Sikora).

0.2.16 (2010-06-16)

  • use JS_SetGCZeal() to debug GC-related issues;
  • new js_access nginx command;
  • support for SpiderMonkey beginning from 1.7;
  • take result code of the Request#getBody() handler in account;
  • additionally tested on:
    • OpenBSD 4.7 64-bit
    • FreeBSD 7.3 32-bit
    • Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit
    • Debian 5.0 32-bit
    • Debian 5.0 64-bit

0.2.15 (2010-06-09)

  • Request#log();
  • Nginx.crit() to log messages at crit level;
  • optimized call to Request#oncleanup;
  • Request#rootMe() is deprecated (dew to all the requests are now rooted when wrapped);
  • added some forced GC points in debug build to locate GC-related bugs;
  • fixed bugs with redirects and without-a-timeout callbacks;
  • C-to-JS request wrapping has been rewritten to simplify things;
  • greatly optimized File#read();
  • File#seek();
  • builds and runs tests on x86 FreeBSD and PowerPC Debian.

0.2.14 (2010-06-04)

  • new class Dir to rule the directories with create(), remove(), removeTree(), walkTree(), etc.;
  • new methods in Ngnx.File: getAccess() and setAccess();
  • HeadersOut#$contentLength renamed to HeadersOut#$contentLengthN as in HeadersIn class.

0.2.13 (2010-05-27)

  • support for debug build of the SpiderMonkey;
  • configure now use nginx feature investigation tools to check the SpiderMonkey availability and version;
  • File.exists() now returns null if file does not exist and false if its not a file;
  • now returns null if file does not exist.

0.2.12 (2010-05-19)

  • support for nginx 0.8.37;
  • File.exists() checks for an entry existence;
  • good looking test reports;
  • HeadersOut#$contentTypeLen and HeadersOut#$contentTypeLowcase properties are now marked as readonly as they are;
  • Request#sendString() and Request#sendHttpHeader() convert an argument to string manually;
  • the README! :)
  • first tested with sporadically OOM situation (lots of fixes).