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Change Log


  • Fixes issue #46 scene id was missing from body sent to the bridge for activation requests


  • Fixes issue #45 creating a scene resulted in a NaN id for the scene created


  • Fixes issue #44 generating an incorrect error when the id for setLightState() is not valid


  • Fixes issue #41 with sending group light states via the LightState object


  • lights() and getLights() results now include details of the lights (modelid, type, swversion and uniqueid)


  • Massive refactoring of LightState which is a breaking change from version 0.2.7
  • LightState convenience functions to support simpler creation of new states
  • Modified the way that RGB is converted to an XY value for light state objects
  • Removed deprecated HueApi.connect() function
  • Added more convenience functions to HueApi to provide multiple language options and make functions consistent (e.g. lightState() and getLightState())
  • Added scene API support
  • Updated HTTP request library to 2.51.0
  • Added timezone retrieval from the bridge
  • Greatly increased test case coverage


  • Added functions nupnpSearch and upnpSearch for bridge discovery and deprecated old search function references
  • Updated the Groups API and documentation to support latest Hue Bridge software version
  • LightGroup 0 name now provided from the bridge, rather than called All Lights
  • Provided separate functions for the different types of groups that are now possible in Bridge API version 1.4+
  • Added advanced option to specify the port number for the bridge
  • Added convenience getVersion function to obtain software and API versions of the bridge


  • Fixes a bug introduced in 0.2.5 that would remove the rgb state value from a LightState object thereby making different to what was originally set if using it in multiple setLightState() calls


  • Fixes for RGB conversion into XY co-ordinates for lamps to give better accuracy compared to previous implementation using HSL


  • Added ability to configure the timeout when communicating with the Hue Bridge


  • Updated endpoint for hue discovery to use https
  • Swapped out q-io http for request 2.36.0
  • Fixed error in the discovery XML processing


  • Corrected typo in the transitionTime for the parameters to pass the light


  • Updated to support promises or callbacks for all API methods
  • Major refactoring to support API methods as Traits (makes maintaining end points easier and provides hooks for validating schedule commands)
  • Expanded test coverage to cover all the exposed API methods (including promises and callbacks)
  • Change to http promise invocation to support Trait end points
  • locateBridges() replaced with Phillips API backend call for increased speed
  • original 0.1.x version of locateBridges() changed to searchForBridges()
  • Removed the groupId from setLightState() and introduced a setGroupLightState() function to support groups
  • Added searchForNewLights() and newLights() functions to deal with adding and discovering new lights on the Bridge


  • Working version of API with support for Phillips Hue Bridge Firmware 1.0
  • Schedules support implemented
  • Works with promises only
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