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Landingpage with Countdown (library: moment.js)
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Landingpage with Countdown

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ComingSoon landingpage countdown, screenshot


Step by step instructions

Linux, Shell, HTML/JS Editor

1. Create a Git repository

2. npm init

$ npm init

3. Install moment.js

$ npm install moment --save

4. Create and edit .gitignore file
with 'Visual Studio Code':

$ code .gitignore 

or with 'vi':

$ vi .gitignore 

Write node-modules in the .gitignore file

5. Create a html file and a javascript file
(in this example index.html and assets/js/script.js)

6. Integrate js files (your own and moment.js) in your html page

<script src="node_modules/moment/min/moment.min.js"></script>
<script src="assets/js/script.js"></script>

7. Insert for each time unit a div in your HTML document

<div id="days"></div> 
<div id="hours"></div>
<div id="minutes"></div>
<div id="seconds"></div>

8. Write a function in your js file

function countDown() {

9. Write a function in your js file

let countdownEnd = moment('01-05-2019 09:00:00', 'DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm:ss').unix(),
    currentTime = moment().unix(),
    timeDifference = countdownEnd - currentTime,
    duration = moment.duration(timeDifference * 1000, 'milliseconds'),
    interval = 1000;

countdownEnd = moment('01-05-2019 09:00:00', 'DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm:ss').unix() is the end time of the countdown.
currentTime = moment().unix() For this code the moment.js is necessary.
timeDifference = countdownEnd - currentTime Difference between the end time of the countdown and now.
duration = moment.duration(timeDifference * 1000, 'milliseconds') Time difference in milliseconds
interval = 1000; 1000ms = 1s; the countdown updates every second

10. Write an if condition

if (timeDifference > 0) {

11. Write this function within the if condition. Here the variables days, hours, minutes and seconds are defined.

setInterval(function () {
    duration = moment.duration(duration.asMilliseconds() - interval, 'milliseconds');
    let days = moment.duration(duration).days(),
        hours = moment.duration(duration).hours(),
        minutes = moment.duration(duration).minutes(),
        seconds = moment.duration(duration).seconds();
}, interval);

12. Output the variables in the HTML file. Write these commands within the if condition at the end (before }, interval);)

document.querySelector('#days').innerHTML = days
document.querySelector('#hours').innerHTML = hours
document.querySelector('#minutes').innerHTML = minutes
document.querySelector('#seconds').innerHTML = seconds

13. Of course now you can still style your page.
My recommendation: HTML & CSS: Erfolgreich Websites gestalten und programmieren

© Peter R. Stuhlmann Webentwicklung

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