Library for sending Apple Push Notifications to iOS devices from Ruby
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APN Client RubyGem


This is a RubyGem that allows sending of Apple Push Notifications to iOS devices (i.e. iPhones, iPads) from Ruby. The main features are:

  • Broadcasting of notifications to a large number of devices in a reliable fashion
  • Dealing with errors (via the enhanced format Apple protocol) when sending notifications


Delivering Your Messages

require 'apn_client'

message1 =
  :message_id => 1,
  :device_token => "7b7b8de5888bb742ba744a2a5c8e52c6481d1deeecc283e830533b7c6bf1d099",
  :alert => "New version of the app is out. Get it now in the app store!",
  :badge => 2
message2 =
  :message_id => 2,
  :device_token => "6a5g4de5888bb742ba744a2a5c8e52c6481d1deeecc283e830533b7c6bf1d044",
  :alert => "New version of the app is out. Get it now in the app store!",
  :badge => 1
delivery =[message1, message2],
  :callbacks => {
    :on_write => lambda { |d, m| puts "Wrote message #{m}" },
    :on_exception => lambda { |d, e| puts "Exception #{e} raised when delivering message #{m}" },
    :on_failure => lambda { |d, m| puts "Skipping failed message #{m}" },
    :on_error => lambda { |d, message_id, error_code| puts "Received error code #{error_code} from Apple for message #{message_id}" }
  :consecutive_failure_limit => 10, # If more than 10 devices in a row fail, we abort the whole delivery
  :exception_limit => 3, # If a device raises an exception three times in a row we fail/skip the device and move on
  :connection_config => {
  	:host => '', # For sandbox, use:
  	:port => 2195,
  	:certificate =>"my_apn_certificate.pem"),
  	:certificate_passphrase => ''
puts "Delivered successfully to #{delivery.success_count} out of #{delivery.total_count} devices in #{delivery.elapsed} seconds"

One potential gotcha to watch out for is that the device token for a message is per device and per application. This means that different apps on the same device will have different tokens. The Apple documentation uses phone numbers as an analogy to explain what a device token is.

Checking for Feedback



The payload of an APN message is a JSON formated hash (containing alert message, badge count, content available etc.) and therefore a JSON library needs to be present. This gem requires a Hash#to_json method to be defined (hashes need to respond to to_json and return valid JSON). If you for example have the json gem or the rails gem in your environment then this requirement is fulfilled.

The gem is tested on MRI 1.9.2.


This gem is an extraction of production code at Mag+ and both Dennis Rogenius and Lennart Friden made important contributions along the way.

The APN connection code has its origins in the APN on Rails gem.


This library is released under the MIT license.