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@@ -19,11 +19,15 @@ You have a few configuration options. If you are using a Git remote other than "
HerokuRelease.config.heroku_remote = "production" # git remote for heroku, defaults to "heroku"
HerokuRelease.config.version_file_path = "public/version" # if not set no version file will be generated
HerokuRelease.config.changelog_path = "CHANGELOG" # if not set no changelog file will be generated
+ HerokuRelease.config.branch = 'production' # defaults to 'master'
To deploy the master branch to production, use the heroku_release rake task:
rake heroku_release COMMENT="This is a comment describing what changed since the last release"
+To deploy another branch to production, send the BRANCH env variable:
+ rake heroku_release BRANCH="production_branch"
If the deploy went horribly wrong and you need to do a rollback you can do so:
rake heroku_release:rollback

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