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JavaScript 101

What is this?

These are notes by a Ruby developer learning JavaScript. The material is mostly based on the book Javascript: The Definitive Guide


This chapter structure is from the "Javascript: The Definitive Guide" by David Flanagan.

Core JavaScript

  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. Lexical Structure
  3. Types, Values, and Variables
  4. Expressions and Operators
  5. Statements
  6. Objects
  7. Arrays
  8. Functions
  9. CLasses and Modules
  10. Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions
  11. JavaScript Subsets and Extensions
  12. Server-Side JavaScript

Client-Side JavaScript

  1. JavaScript in Web Browsers
  2. The Window Object
  3. Scripting Documents
  4. Scripting CSS
  5. Handling Events
  6. Scripted HTTP
  7. The JQuery Library
  8. Client-Side Storage
  9. Scripted Media and Graphics
  10. HTML5 APIs