Bootstrap/demo app for a simple CMS based on Rails 5, Postgres, and Bootstrap 4 (CSS)
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Rails CMS Bootstrap

This is a fairly bare bones Rails app illustrating how to create the beginnings of a CMS UI using Rails 5, Postgres 9, and Bootstrap 4.

There is a demo app where you can log in with / admin.

NOTE: I have also put together a Clojure CMS REST API based on Mongodb. For a CMS with versioning a document database seems like a good fit.


  • The model hierarchy is: Site -> Page -> Widget. The page/widget relationship is modeled via an array of IDs in a JSON column in Postgres. It is easier to version documents than normalized relational data models.
  • There is the beginnings of a simple versioning scheme for the Page model. It saves versions in a PageVersion model.
  • The Page model has a publication status and it maintains a unique url (path).
  • There is a User model and login/login routes. Authentication is required for all pages.
  • There is a change log (audit) for all write operations that are performed by users (editors) of the CMS

Design Principles

  • Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability
  • Be restrictive with library dependencies. This helps with simplicity and Rails upgrades.
  • Respect Rails and Ruby idioms

Getting Started

bundle install
bin/rake db:create db:migrate db:seed
bin/rails s
open http://localhost:3000

Deploying to Heroku

Create your app on heroku with the Postgres addon and then do:

heroku git:remote -a <my-heroku-app>
git push heroku master
heroku run rake db:migrate db:seed
heroku open