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An introductory two day Ruby course
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Ruby Basic


This is course material for a two day introductory course on Ruby programming. Included here are:

For the exercise part of the course I will be referring the excellent Ruby Koans, see exercises.rdoc.


  • Participants should have experience with object oriented programming

  • Each participant should have a computer with Ruby 1.9 and an IDE/Editor installed

Contents at a Glance

  1. Ruby Introduction

  2. Structure and Execution

  3. Datatypes

  4. Control Structures

  5. Variables and Constants

  6. Boolean Expressions and Assignments

  7. Classes and Objects

  8. Modules

  9. Methods and Operators

  10. Blocks and Proc Objects

  11. Reflection and Meta Programming

  12. Standard Library

  13. RubyGems and Bundler


  • Johan Lind - for feedback on the schedule (breaks and exercises), what the students need to bring to the course, course evaluation, and for reminding me of the “show don't tell” idea

  • Peter Lind - for various great feedback. Ruby is your friend, not your parent…

  • David Backeus - for the “show don't tell” idea and for providing this gist on linebreaks

  • Peter Hellberg - for catching copy mistakes

  • Peter Cooper - for providing me with a copy of the “Beginning Ruby” book and for pointing out the difference between a story vs. topic based approach to teaching


This course material is released under a Creative Commons license, see LICENSE.html

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