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A simple plugin to help separate sensitive configuration such as server passwords
from your Rails source code.
Server parameters are configured in a config/server.rb file:
ServerConfig.configure do |c|
c.param :name => :db_password, :value => "my_db_password",
:files => ["vendor/plugins/server_config/spec/files/spec_database.yml.example"]
c.param :name => :payex_merchant_key, :value => "the_merchant_key",
:files => ["vendor/plugins/server_config/spec/files/merchant.yml"]
c.param :name => :smtp_password, :value => "my_smtp_password"
If you provide the :files option then any occurence of the "__param_name__"
(i.e. __db_password__) in those files will be replaced with the param value
when you run the rake task server_config:write.
If the extension of the file is .example then the result will be written to
a file with the same path but without the .example extension.
If the file does not have the .example extension then replacements are made inline.
Server parameters can be accessed via the global server_param(:param_name) method.
In your Capistrano deploy.rb you might want to do something like this:
desc "Copy in server specific configuration files"
task :setup_config do
run <<-END
cp #{shared_path}/server.rb #{release_path}/config &&
cd #{release_path} && rake server_config:write
task :before_symlink, :roles => :app do
Copyright (c) 2008 Peter Marklund, released under the MIT license