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Amended Samsung License for proprietary binaries

Bug: 4295425
Change-Id: I7ba7059ccfc3687de9f1f6104953a330d2c32e7c
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1 parent fa8310c commit 823c423a987c62af278c9a6ffc1215ce2982f186 Jean-Baptiste Queru committed Nov 12, 2011
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open-source contribution developed by You, designed to operate with
Android that does not contain or incorporate any of the Software.
- c. The term "Authorized Android Enabled Device" means the device
- known as the Nexus S only.
+ c. The term "Authorized Android Enabled Device" means only the device
+ identified on the site from which You downloaded the Software.
The term "Software" means the Licensor's proprietary software and
libraries in object code form, designed for use on the Authorized
Android Enabled Device.

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