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initial xloader that works on panda

ddfbd9c gpio: enable gpio bank4 access
637e066 OMAP4: drive DPLL_ABE from sys_ck, temporarily
a41714d OMAP4: bring back code to run DPLL_ABE from sys_ck
102360e sdram: correct delay after ZQINIT
01fe6ae OMAP4: x-loader: Fixed DDR ZQ calibration sequence in bootloader
95c2a6d OMAP4: drive DPLL_ABE from 32KHz instead of SYS_CK
1fa61de OMAP4: Add sd_div to dpll_param structure and set sd_div field for USB D
f94c02a x-loader:omap4430panda: configure mcbsp1 pins
fa9d7e2 X-Loader: Change for the ES2.2 support
db7ff49 omap4: bootloader start address change
f55b6c6 ES2.1 Panda support for SDRAM
6c76a7c Merge "Updated TI copyrighted syslib.c to be BSD licensed instead of GPL
f86988f Merge "omap4: fix peripheral boot crash" into omap4_dev
e35764d Updated TI copyrighted syslib.c to be BSD licensed instead of GPLv2
eebf79b omap4: fix peripheral boot crash
ce5988b Updated specific TI files to be BSD licensed instead of GPLv2

Change-Id: I4e5908d13ab578c094e4a8a8736a9dacc78c6ad9
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1 parent 3b5e48c commit 42eee9abb89367f543b78f940e43bcbc37cfde9e @swetland swetland committed Feb 2, 2011
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