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.\" DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE! It was generated by help2man 1.29.
.TH BlueZ "1" "February 2003" "PAN daemon" "User Commands"
pand \- BlueZ Bluetooth PAN daemon
The pand PAN daemon allows your computer to connect to ethernet
networks using Bluetooth.
pand <options>
\fB\-\-show\fR \fB\-\-list\fR \fB\-l\fR
Show active PAN connections
\fB\-\-listen\fR \fB\-s\fR
Listen for PAN connections
\fB\-\-connect\fR \fB\-c\fR <bdaddr>
Create PAN connection
\fB\-\-search\fR \fB\-Q[duration]\fR
Search and connect
\fB\-\-kill\fR \fB\-k\fR <bdaddr>
Kill PAN connection
\fB\-\-killall\fR \fB\-K\fR
Kill all PAN connections
\fB\-\-role\fR \fB\-r\fR <role>
Local PAN role (PANU, NAP, GN)
\fB\-\-service\fR \fB\-d\fR <role>
Remote PAN service (PANU, NAP, GN)
\fB\-\-ethernet\fR \fB\-e\fR <name>
Network interface name
\fB\-\-device\fR \fB\-i\fR <bdaddr>
Source bdaddr
\fB\-\-nosdp\fR \fB\-D\fR
Disable SDP
\fB\-\-encrypt\fR \fB\-E\fR
Enable encryption
\fB\-\-secure\fR \fB\-S\fR
Secure connection
\fB\-\-master\fR \fB\-M\fR
Become the master of a piconet
\fB\-\-nodetach\fR \fB\-n\fR
Do not become a daemon
\fB\-\-persist\fR \fB\-p[interval]\fR
Persist mode
\fB\-\-cache\fR \fB\-C[valid]\fR
Cache addresses
\fB\-\-pidfile\fR \fB\-P <pidfile>\fR
Create PID file
\fB\-\-devup\fR \fB\-u <script>\fR
Script to run when interface comes up
\fB\-\-devdown\fR \fB\-o <script>\fR
Script to run when interface comes down
\fB\-\-autozap\fR \fB\-z\fR
Disconnect automatically on exit
The devup/devdown script will be called with bluetooth device as first argument
and bluetooth destination address as second argument.
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