A repository containing presentation content (slides, demo code, whatever) from CodeMash 2015 sessions.
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0 - Sample
Attack of the Clones - Eliminating Duplicate Code in .NET
Automotive Android
Docker - Introduction to Lightweight Virtualization
Generics in .NET
Get Shipping with Docker
Using Docker and Maven to Develop and Unit Test JEE Components


CodeMash 2015 CodeMash Logo

CodeMash v2.0.1.5 session decks, sample code, links and other stuff.

Speakers: please feel free to send me pull requests with any of your content that you want to share with the CodeMash attendees. This way we have a single place for attendees to go and get content.

Organization: clone this repository and put your session materials, links or anything else in a subdirectory named with the same name as your session. See the sample for an example of how it could work.

*Note that this is a volunteer effort and is not representing CodeMash in any official way. Thanks!