An essential library for facilitating Dependency Inversion in .NET
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A library for facilitating Dependency Inversion

With many frameworks, interface-driven design is non-existant or spotty. The ability for your code to depend on abstractions can be difficult. While abstractions around framework types can be hand-crafted, and an application-specific abstraction that makes the implicit more explicit can be created, it's time-consuming and of specious value given the use of frameworks that themselves provide abstractions.

This library doesn't try to replace good design. If an application-specific type can better wrap a framework type or set of framework types, the design should prefer that design methodology of wholesale use of this library.

None-the-less, this library begins the process of creating abstractions from .NET Framework types that don't fully implement abstractions (in this case interfaces)

The core contains a small set of utility classes to aid in reducing dependency on concrete classes (or the creation of concrete classes). The code includes types such as FuncComparable, FuncComparer, FuncEqualityComparer, and FuncEquatable to provide delegate-based interface implementations for some common .NET Framework interfaces such as IComparable, IComparer, IEqualityComparer, and IEquatable. In addition, the library includes the best practice of an abstract factory IFactory and a similar delegate-based implementation FuncFactory to aid in avoiding such anti-patterns as Service Locator