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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
from GameState import GameState
import ants
import utils
import Genes
# define a class with a do_turn method
# the method will parse and update bot input
# it will also run the do_turn method for us
class GeneticBot:
def __init__(self):
sys.stderr = open('errors.txt', 'w')
# This method is called in (can be removed)
def do_setup(self, ants_instance): = GameState(ants_instance) # Keep track of important game state stuff
self.genome = [Genes.ExploreGene(), Genes.FoodGene()]
# Called once a turn in, orders called from here
def do_turn(self, ants_instance):
sys.stderr.write('rem: ' + str(ants_instance.time_remaining()) + '\n')
sys.stderr.write('rem (building af): ' + str(ants_instance.time_remaining()) + '\n')
# Get the hill protectors to do their business
# This is a necessary evil as it would be far messier to screw around with the Genes
sys.stderr.write('rem (hill protection...): ' + str(ants_instance.time_remaining()) + '\n'),, self.genome) # does dispersion while staying near the hill
afs = [] # see -> AntForce
# Build default ant force holders based on current ants
for ant_loc in ants_instance.my_ants():
# Do not do dispersions for the normal ants
if ant_loc in
row, col = ant_loc
afs.append(utils.AntForce(row, col))
sys.stderr.write('rem (expressing genome...): ' + str(ants_instance.time_remaining()) + '\n')
# Express the genes (not related to hill protectors)
for gene in self.genome:
sys.stderr.write('rem (expressing gene {0}): '.format( + str(ants_instance.time_remaining()) + '\n')
df =,, afs)
utils.logdf(, df,
sys.stderr.write('rem (applying forces): ' + str(ants_instance.time_remaining()) + '\n')
# Resolve the forces to produce actions
for af in afs:
sys.stderr.write('rem: ' + str(ants_instance.time_remaining()) + '\n')
if __name__ == '__main__':
# psyco will speed up python a little, but is not needed
import psyco
except ImportError:
# if run is passed a class with a do_turn method, it will do the work
# this is not needed, in which case you will need to write your own
# parsing function and your own game state class
import cProfile'')
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print('ctrl-c, leaving ...')
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