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Cifs SMB Version 1.1 for Embedded FAT systems

  • Copyright, Peter Van Oudenaren

  • EBS Inc. 1987-2015

  • All rights reserved.

  • This code may not be redistributed in source or linkable object form

  • without the consent of its author.

  • contact

CIFS/SMB is a fully functional SMB client and server capabilites for embedded devices. This software has been used commercially for many years.

Does not support SMBV2 and above but V2 is under development and some V2 is included

cifssmb\smb\project\msvs.net2003 - Old VC project, needs to be updated
cifssmb/smb/project/linuxserver/makefile - Linux server application
cifssmb\smb\project\linuxclient/makefile - Linux client application

Shut off firewalls or disable firewalls for all SMB ports (fill in).
sudo service iptables stop
Shut down samba daemons
sudo service smbd stop
sudo service nmdb stop

Running the server :

The makefile forces it to build a 32 bit application. This should be fixed, but for now it must be built as a 32 bit application.

These packages must be installed: sudo apt-get install libc6-dev-i386 sudo apt-get install g++-multilib

cd /cifssmb/smb/project/linuxserver
make clean

Run: (must run with root priveleges)
sudo ./rtsmbserverapplication.out
The server application will run and automatically bind to "eth0"
If "eth0" is the wrong default you should recompile.

Select s for share based passwords (u will work as well)
Now select the default share:
By default /media is exported as share0 but you can edit it to, for example, /home

Now select a password for the share (mypassword) in this case:
Share Password (leave empty for no passwords): mypassword
Next choose read_write.

Next select Y/N at the follwoing prompt:
Poll keyboard for commands (y/n) : Y
Answering Y allows you to do things like add more shares (press return to show help).
The Y option may cause problems corrupting data packets under heavy loads, if things behave badly restart and select the N option.

Now from Windows command line (for example, with the server running on
net use z: \\share0 mypassword
type a DIR command and you should see a directory listing:
dir z:
Volume in drive Z is RTSMB VOL
Volume Serial Number is 000F-AD32

To view the share from Windows file explorer, paste this to the URL bar:

Running the client :
Needs update.


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