http server and client code with APIs and examples for building embedded web apps. With example in HTML5 and Ajax
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Http client and server software library in C

  • Copyright, Peter Van Oudenaren

  • EBS Inc. 1987-2015

  • All rights reserved.

  • This code may not be redistributed in source or linkable object form

  • without the consent of its author.

  • contact

This project provides APIs and examples that allow you to add HTTP client and server code to embedded applications.

A more elaborate description of what is included may be had by reading the file names ReadMe.pdf in the root of this repo.

Known issues - ssl is incorporated but there are some problems that need to be debugged. client code was extracted from a UPnP implementation, so its core is pretty robust but the examples using its standalone API and some of the API elements are not super mature. A Visual 'C' 2010 project is provided in the folder: .\httpserverandclient\http\v0.2.6\project\msvs.net2010\win32\serverdemo, but a Linux project needs to be developed and debugged. The source code already supports Linux, Make file need to be created and the code needs to be tested.