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autotest: add tests for parameter download

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peterbarker committed Jan 15, 2020
1 parent 4a688e5 commit 7e619ca51e4fe2c1761d3e5a5c305808053dab16
Showing with 89 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −0 Tools/autotest/
  2. +86 −2 Tools/autotest/
@@ -1318,6 +1318,9 @@ def airspeed_autocal(self):

def sample_enable_parameter(self):
return "Q_ENABLE"

def test_rangefinder(self):
ex = None
@@ -3877,8 +3877,87 @@ def run_tests(self, tests):

return True

def test_parameters(self):
'''general small tests for parameter system'''
def dictdiff(self, dict1, dict2):
fred = copy.copy(dict1)
for key in dict2.keys():
del fred[key]
return fred

def download_parameters(self, target_system, target_component):
# try a simple fetch-all:
self.mav.mav.param_request_list_send(target_system, target_component)
tstart = self.get_sim_time_cached()
count = 0
expected_count = None
seen_ids = {}
id_seq = {}
while True:
now = self.get_sim_time_cached()
if now - tstart > 10:
raise AutoTestTimeoutException("Failed to download parameters")
m = self.mav.recv_match(type='PARAM_VALUE', blocking=True, timeout=1)
if m is None:
raise AutoTestTimeoutException("tardy PARAM_VALUE")
if m.param_index == 65535:
self.progress("volunteered parameter: %s" % str(m))
if m.param_index >= m.param_count:
raise ValueError("parameter index (%u) gte parameter count (%u)" %
(m.param_index, m.param_count))
if expected_count is None:
expected_count = m.param_count
if m.param_count != expected_count:
raise ValueError("expected count changed")
if m.param_id not in seen_ids:
count += 1
seen_ids[m.param_id] = m.param_value
if count == expected_count:

self.progress("Downloaded %u parameters OK" % count)
return (seen_ids, id_seq)

def test_parameters_download(self):
self.start_subtest("parameter download")
target_system = 1
target_component = 1
(parameters, seq_id) = self.download_parameters(target_system, target_component)
(parameters2, seq2_id) = self.download_parameters(target_system, target_component)

delta = self.dictdiff(parameters, parameters2)
if len(delta) != 0:
raise ValueError("Got %u fewer parameters when downloading second time (before=%u vs after=%u) (delta=%s)" %
(len(delta), len(parameters), len(parameters2), str(delta.keys())))

delta = self.dictdiff(parameters2, parameters)
if len(delta) != 0:
raise ValueError("Got %u extra parameters when downloading second time (before=%u vs after=%u) (delta=%s)" %
(len(delta), len(parameters), len(parameters2), str(delta.keys())))

self.end_subsubtest("parameter download")

def test_enable_parameter(self):
self.start_subtest("enable parameters")
target_system = 1
target_component = 1
parameters = self.download_parameters(target_system, target_component)
enable_parameter = self.sample_enable_parameter()
if enable_parameter is None:
self.progress("Skipping enable parameter check as no enable parameter supplied")
self.set_parameter(enable_parameter, 1)
parameters2 = self.download_parameters(target_system, target_component)
if len(parameters) == len(parameters2):
raise NotAchievedException("Enable parameter did not increase no of parameters downloaded")
self.end_subsubtest("enable download")

def test_parameters_mis_total(self):
self.start_subsubtest("parameter mis_total")
if self.is_tracker():
# uses CMD_TOTAL not MIS_TOTAL, and it's in a scalr not a
# group and it's generally all bad.
@@ -3900,6 +3979,11 @@ def test_parameters(self):
if self.get_parameter("MIS_OPTIONS") != 1:
raise NotAchievedException("Failed to set MIS_OPTIONS")

def test_parameters(self):
'''general small tests for parameter system'''

def disabled_tests(self):
return {}

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